When Wendy Grew Up

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"...with Tink in the house we built for Wendy. The fairies are to put it high up among the tree tops where they sleep at nights."

It is always magical when there is a new arrival in our Collection for the Absolute Hearts. Much like fairies, there shall be new additions to our collection as long as there are new babies. 

Not so long ago, children were meant to be seen and not heard. Parents had no role to play in parenting, they were introduced to their children when they came of age and there was no sociological understanding of childhood. It was simply the waiting room for personhood. Today, most parents prefer to be introduced to their children much sooner. As questionable as this modern convention of childhood is, it requires an army and an armoury (and a suitable armoire, of course). 



If you have ever shared a dining table with a child, you understand the importance of good table manners. Young children can not be expected to change or regulate their behaviour in the presence of company. There is no such thing as etiquette for children- only manners and habits. That is why it is recommended to dine with children every day, ensure that they can observe your table manners and mimic the same. A high chair becomes essential in providing a dining experience at a manageable scale. 


Children furniture baby high chair nursery classic princess girls room royal French


There is no dearth of plastic high chairs that last you a couple of years before they crack or are outgrown by your children. Our vision in designing this chair was to create an unexpected heirloom- to classicise the modern concept of a comfortable high chair and introduce sophistication to your child's first experience at the dining table. This is a permeating sophistication that elevates the manners that they would go on to imbibe.


Baby nursery classic French furniture classic interior designer Delhi ncrNursery ideas children Pinterest French Italian classic design royal opulent


Our classic Louis XV-style high chair is designed to grow with your child. The tray and partition can be removed to convert the chair into a regular chair with a slightly higher seat. Your child can continue to use it not just for the first year of their life but until they are ready to graduate to a regular-sized dining chair.

The chair features cabriole legs, Louis XV rosettes and an a la Reine back. Like all of our bigger pieces, it is made in solid teak wood with the instantly recognisable walnut finish. The woven upholstery represents iconic Indian fauna. 


High chair baby custom furniture cot nursery decor interior designer


The most precious part is the affinity your child will feel with their own beginnings as they grow up. A high chair is one of the first pieces of furniture that your child uses, and the first one that requires them to undertake an important task. As they grow, they will continue to use this chair and it will command their attention in new ways.

And finally, we hope, it would pass on to future generations.

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