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You may have noticed that we love personalisation. And when it comes to initials and monograms, we are known to be obsessive. After all, there is nothing more inconvenient than someone mistaking your furniture for their own.

If you look around the Parrot & Lily office, you will find ladies and gentlemen wearing their monograms on neat button-downs, working on engraved desks, using of course our custom pencil holders with their initials on them, writing with initialed pens on monogramed paper, all while sipping tea from monogrammed porcelain. (For the sake of accuracy- there is no accounting for taste and so, most of our office prefers coffee.) 

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Monogramming has a long history, dating back to Greek coins. Admittedly, we stick to simple initials much more than stylised monograms. Though there are extensive rules for the practice, we find that modern clients prioritise personal meaning to ancient edicts.

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Your initials  can be added to a Parrot & Lily piece in many ways. It can simply be carved into most pieces, but you could also opt for an appropriate cartouche, a custom brass tag or we can even look for upholstery with your lettering on it.

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There is a time and place for subtlety, but how about gold highlights or a massive initial 

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Initials can be carved on to the existing piece, as above, or incorporated into the design of the piece itself, as below.

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There is nothing more special than a family monogram. We would highly recommend them for wedding or coming-of-age presents. And since custom initials are complimentary for our Absolute Hearts range, there is no reason not to opt for them.

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For our brass pieces, it is sometimes possible to have a custom engraving done as well. You can consider it ancient anti-theft technology. 

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And of course, they are equally important for brands with a strong sense of identity. Our own monogram has evolved over the ages to this motif, picked from the archives to represent a more classical phase in the history of our brand.

And what about you? Have you been initialed yet.


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