Veni, Vidi, Amavi

For the first time in many Junes, there are travel plans to be made. Everyone travels for different reasons. Sometimes you travel just to be somewhere else while other travels are for exploration, for food, for art. Whatever your purpose, it is important to know it.

There are many ways to travel and the same place can be experienced in boundless ways. As we see more and more of the lives of other people, even people we have never met, it is easy to feel like there is one right way to do everything. From how we look and what we wear to what we eat and where we go when we are away, the variety of the human experience cannot be homogenised in an instagram feed, and online recommendations tend to be a reductive business. 




It is easy to share a list of recommendations, it is hard to enjoy someone else's life. What we would love to share instead is the philosophy of beauty that guides everything we do at Parrot & Lily.


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Much like regular life, travel is made of small unrepeatable moments of beauty. They can be made by the people we are with or our own company, breathtaking interiors or untouched nature, hikes and trails or museums and galleries. 




All we can recommend is to know what you seek and ignore the rest. Whether you summer in the same destination as every year or take a whistle-stop tour of the great wonders, do it the way you would enjoy. Keep an eye out for beauty but do not chase it. Plan the essentials but do not orchestrate the minutiae. And remember, travelling is not a contest, travelling well means whatever it means to you.

We wish you a pleasant summer and hope you come back inspired from wherever you are. 


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