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The Kitchen
Pour bien cuisiner il faut de bons ingrédients, un palais, du coeur et des amis.
-Pierre Perret


To cook well, one may need good ingredients, a palate, a heart and friends but one also needs a particular room. Today we are turning our heart to the heart of the house- The Kitchen. 


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From memories of childhood homes to aspirations of future abodes, a kitchen is often part of life’s stories. It is respite for the host and merriment for the guests. It is often a social space and yet an intensely intimate one. It is a place of love and yet a necessarily functional one. Here is our approach to the culinary theatre.

The Stage 


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While kitchens lean towards function, the decor is often part of the functionality. No  one enjoys spending long prep times in dark or plain rooms. 









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We recommend a bright and airy room with lots of natural light. Tall windows overlooking a kitchen garden. Bright white walls and fresh greenery can make even washing dishes enchanting. Hanging your cookware not only gives a rustic charm to your kitchen but also conveniently uses vertical space for storage.

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This rustic kitchen in Tuscany pares down to the basics. A breakfast table in the kitchen can teach the young ones to distinguish between casual meals and the formal dining space. It also works as extra counter space with concealed drawers. 

The Backstage

If the kitchen is the heart of the house, then the pantry is the atrium of the kitchen. Whether you have a whole room or a small corner within the kitchen, custom storage makes any space delightful. An abundant pantry will nourish and inspire you to banish the microwave.  


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This commode not only lends its beauty to its environment but its commanding elegance also demands equal refinement from anything you store in it. The classic white unit stands in simple elegance while allowing your porcelain display to shine through. 

The Actors

Just as important as the pantry is what you put in it. As with furniture, trust only the pure and the authentic. Processed food is one of the most dangerous banes of modern life. Surreptitiously it impairs our health and wreaks havoc on our taste buds. Keep it simple, keep it tasteful.   


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Store your colourful spices in reused glass (not acrylic) jars. Re-using jars from your favourite products rather than opting for a set of uniform acrylic jars looks classic and is more sensible for the environment. We also recommend keeping your canvas totes at hand for your next grocery run and so you are not tempted to opt for plastic. 

The Flair~ Art in the Kitchen 

Art in the kitchen should be rife with symbolism. Abundance, fertility and bounty would be the classic choice, traditionally represented by pomegranate motifs. 

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The place of Maria Sibylla Merian may not traditionally have been in the kitchen but her work certainly elevates any wall. Specially in this delicate Parrot & Lily frame. Something to admire while you put your feet up. 


The Script


Whether it is an age-old family secret buried in a hand written note or an avant-gardiste recipe from your favourite blog, every home should have a compilation of what keeps them fed. 

Recipe books on a kitchen shelf are often part of the decor. A good recipe book appreciates the cuisine it represents thoroughly and this can be seen in the nuance of its design. Here are some of our suggestions for cookbooks and recipe books. 

The Performance    

No childhood in France is complete without the iconic tarte Tatin. Its amusing story represents the innovation that is at the heart of good cuisine. Here is our version, inspired by a rustic Corsican recipe. 

Tarte Tatin

2 cups All purpose flour
½ cup Whole wheat flour
4tbsp Butter
1 cup Ice cold water
1tsp Salt

Simply mix all the ingredients together to form a dough. It is recommended to mix the dry ingredients well together before adding the butter and water. Knead the dough to make the crust and spread it over a tart pan. Put it in the oven at 250°C for 40 minutes. 

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  • Tanmai Khanna on

    Really well written blog! It makes my kitchen feel inadequate but hopefully P&L can fix that :) (Only wish the Tarte Tatin had a vegan recipe)

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