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"A garden should be the beginning of a ceaseless interest, passion and pleasure."

It is with much delight that we present to you The Conservatory- our collection for the great outdoors. 

All pieces grand and petite are designed to bring flair and intention to your outdoor space. Whether it is a standing balcony wall or a vast farmland, no space has been the wrong space for a Parrot & Lily garden. 

Let us introduce you to some of these exuberant pieces-

Grand Conservatory Table 

Our grand conservatory table can be used for outdoor dining, carefree days and elegant entertaining. 


Outdoor Italian Renaissance folding table

How wonderful is the idea to have a beautiful rare table, which can be folded and stowed flat when the weather doesn't permit being outdoors? This rare Italian renaissance table does just that. Perfect for a garden, patio or even indoors, this will move with you wherever you go. 


Outdoor Dumbwaiter with Louis XVI Artichokes

A well planned and stocked dumbwaiter can be your best friend when entertaining outside is in order. With removable wood shelves, a sleek brass frame and Louis XVI detailing, this piece will illuminate wherever it is. 


Garden Bench for slumber and thoughts

 Life in a home with garden changes with seasons. This bench will gladly accompany you and embrace the beauty of a living palette around you. 


Elegant outdoor swing

Our mind often finds symbols of stability and peace among the daily presence of things we love ~  swing through your thoughts with this beautiful piece. 


Jardinière bearing a rustic Dionysus

When you wish to bring the garden inside your home, these rare pieces of XVIII century antiquity come in handy. Equipped with an iron encasing, they are perfect for keeping a pot inside. Easy to clean and maintain. A rustic Dionysus stares directly at you, hopefully reminding you to show the pot some sun every few days. 


Grand Étagère for The Garden 

In the outdoors, scale is the key. On this Louis XVI inspired Grand Etagere, you may find enough space for keeping your pots, garden displays, gnomes, and still have enough space to twirl the leaves and branches on the sleek legs to create a living art. Designed with slates on top so that the water doesn't accumulate anywhere, this piece will age with time and add character to your garden or patio. 


Étagère in Louis XVI sensibilities in caning

There has to be a need for careful attention to the lines of sight when arranging exquisite objets d'art including plants. This étagère makes this possible. Space, light, openness and allusions to classic Louis XVI motifs make this piece simply outstanding. Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, not directly under the sun and rain. 


A set of Beast feet pot rising pedestals 

These beautiful beast feet are casted in non-rusting metal. Not only will they add elegance to your garden, but also help the floor stay safe and dry. A pot of any size can rest on these three. Finished in a Provençal colours that are never too stark to the eye, they come in a set of 3. 


Beast in Reflection



Timeless studies of the graceful beast have been an obsession of artists throughout ages. In this pose, the lion elegantly sits with its head slightly tilted to its left, thoughtfully reflecting. Its power is overshadowed by its elegant poise. 


Dilapidated Outdoor Urn

A decor is starkly incomplete without an urn, or many urns. This one has been designed with great thought behind it. This one will age with your garden. Let the rain fall on this heavy urn, let the wind run through it because it will not topple it. Let the birds drink water from it, or let a little succulent thrive in it. Or let it just sit in a beautiful corner and observe its beauty with your first cup of tea, or coffee. 


Sleek French Garden Urn

It's the urn that every one needs. Some might argue that it's not just for the garden, that it looks stunning on a polished console or the mantlepiece, or in the study. And to them we say, you're quite right. 

Casted in iron and finished to look just perfect. 


Sphinx door stopper

Entrusted with guarding great secrets and important treasures, which treasures in your garden shall this Sphinx protect? Carved in teak wood, this stunning piece will keep your intrigue from all sides. 


Orb Door Stopper

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand with our Orb door stopper and let the fascination begin at your doorstep. Carved in teak wood, this stunning piece will hold your intrigue from all sides. 


Planter Inspired by Demeter 

A rustic steel planter with allusions to the goddess of harvest, grain, bounty and fertility - Demeter. This elegant concept will keep your garden enchanted.   


Venetian flourish inspired hook hanger.


A very Venetian affair with custom caster cartouche hook and a large Venetian flourish hand painted to make your heart sing whenever your hand reaches out to hang something. Maybe a hat, sometimes a garden rake or just a towel after a swim.


Hooks inspired by our bigger pieces 

We recommend using these in the garden to hold the beautiful branches of a flourishing plant, in the kitchen to hang mittens or sleek pots, in the living room to hold curtain pull-backs, in the dressing room to hold hair ties. How would you use yours?


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