Splendid Storage Possibilities

Splendid Storage Possibilities
Storage should never be an afterthought. It should be custom made to the exact specifications of what would go inside, so that every shoe in your closet and jug of milk in your pantry becomes a part of the design of the house. 

This exceptional Renaissance style cabinet from Burgundy features the pagan goddess Hecate and is rich with classical symbolism. This style of two-stage cabinets was popular in the Low Countries, and featured dark and heavy carving, caryatids and bun feet. They are perfect for concealing unsightly messes. 

This coiffure on a stand is the unmistakable work of André Charles Boulle. It features a mask of Apollo flanked by two lions. The use of contre-partie marquetry indicates the existence of a corresponding piece in premier-partie. 

We can imagine this as a modern dressing table, easily portable between your pied-à-terre in the city and country house. 


We firmly believe that metal filling cabinets should be banished and Rococo should replace them. From the bronze mounts to the floral marquetry and the overall sinuous shape, you have to wonder where to start appreciating this piece.  

It can be made without the stand as a wonderful petite bookshelf for a child, and it can then be converted into a bigger cabinet as the child grows. 


This unassuming side table opens up to reveal a lady's toilet and also has provisions to be used as a writing table. Who else but Oeben could have conceived this multifunctional splendour?  Try not to get too distracted by the mechanics and take a moment to appreciate the ram's head mounts, the floral marquetry on the table top and the geometric parquetry on the front and sides. 

So, if your storage still looks like straight lines and dusty attics, it may be time to give us a call. 

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