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Even more than man, art is known by the company it keeps. An ill-curated collection can do a disservice to even the most valued individual works.

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It is no news that we treat our work like fine art. After all, their primary purpose is always visual. That you can sit on them is merely a happy afterthought. So we never think of them as just individual pieces that are being sold, but as significant additions to someone's personal collection. We see them reinterpreted every time they are moved, analysed through the seasons, paraphrased by each onlooker. 

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We are each the curators of our own lives. If we are lucky, it is a life we share with ones we love. And we would like to be surrounded with things we love. Whether we look at these things as our legacy or not, they are a part of what we leave behind and what we add to what our forefathers left behind.

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We hope you understand the gravity of your undertaking as well. It is not the same as picking up a product from a shop and bring it home. It is a guest that you're inviting to the assembly of your home. An association that lasts longer than you.

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Each Parrot & Lily vignette is a considered thought. There is a story behind the inspirations, the process and the aesthetics. 

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