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9 year old Sayuri is one of our very first clients. At the time, she could barely say Parrot and Lily. Now, she won't stop saying it. 

Sayuri loves to read, and when we were asked by our friends to share book recommendations for children, we were left scratching our head. Thankfully, Sayuri stepped in to remind us that as a child, she is far more qualified to recommend books to her peers than we are. We can't argue with that. We invite all the absolute hearts to enjoy Sayuri's recommendations and leave their own recommendations in the comments. Here is what we hope will be the first of many entries of Sayuri's Scholarly Literature Society. No unaccompanied adults beyond this point. 

Children kids reading club book recommendations Children kids reading club book recommendations Children kids reading club book recommendations

Sayuri tries not to let the presence of the doting adults in her life interfere with her reading time. Here she is pictured with her mom on a gorgeous Parrot & Lily sofa. The next day, we received an order for a private child-only single seater. 


The books that a nine year old likes are different from the books that a five year old likes, Our mind can handle more curious, sometimes scary and sometimes not very merry endings. Apart from fiction, we love science activities and a lot of useless knowledge like, "how to help with a litter of kittens" and, "who invented the folding bed." I have put together a few of my most favourite books from the past year. 

I like simple classics that are easy to read, books that are like museums, abridged books of serious classics and series for children. 


A Series of Unfortunate Events

It has done wonderfully at creating humour while keeping the main story dark. It has intelligent humour. 

Children kids reading club book recommendations

We have a regular client in Sayuri, who puts in an annual order for "One big bookcase, even bigger than last year's." 

Les Miserables

People always think that children's books must be happy but in this book, there are not people dancing or talking animals. 


A Christmas Carol

I like that it is all about Christmas. It's merry and dark at the same time.


That Victor thought that he could create a brand new being but ended up creating a monster who killed everybody he loved. Victor did not think about the monster's side. 

Children books recommendations kids literature  Children book club literature recommendations for kids


Wuthering Heights 

Even though the people were in discord, they say things in great dignity. In the end when Heathcliff dies, his end is not so elaborate. 

Sayuri enjoys reading intense literature but in their abridged form. Not because she can not handle the original text of course. She just has so much to read and so little time. 

Puffin Classics

I like easy to read books like Anne of Green Gables, Secret Garden, Christmas, The Railway Children and The Winds. 

 Children books furniture kids rooms literature recommendations


We would like to clarify that Sayuri would have preferred speaking about all the books in the Series of Unfortunate Events but we had to prevent her for the sake of variety. 

We hope to have Sayuri as a regular contributor. If you're an absolute heart or the adult of an absolute heart, do leave your feedback and comments for Sayuri. You could also mention what she should write about next. But don't expect another post from her soon, she is quite busy teaching her adults how to help with a litter of kittens. 

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  • Sayuri on

    Dear Pritika,
    I am looking up the Pages and Co. series now. Thank you for recommending it!

  • Sayuri on

    Dear Ritika,
    Thank you. I love Roald Dahl and Ruskin Bond as well.

  • Ritika on

    Dear Sayuri,
    I love alllll the books you recommended. Wuthering Heights is one of my all time favourite classics. I was wondering if you have started Harry Potter yet …. also alll the Roald Dahl books and Ruskin Bond for thé lové of the mountains that are not too far away from home.
    Looking forward to more things that Sayuri recommends 🤗

  • Pritika Jain on

    Dear Sayuri,
    If you loved Anne of green gables and Alice in wonderland, then I would highly recommend you read the Pages and co series. My 7 year old daughter is currently reading the first book, and loving it!

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