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Many of us will remember 2020 as one of the hardest years we have endured. Yet it is the endurance that we must hold on to. We must remember patience, gratitude and hope and we must cherish the strength and support that has guided us to the other side of this perilous year.

At Parrot & Lily, we have come to appreciate not just the aesthetic richness of beautiful interiors, but also the comfort and security of one’s own home. An obscure 17th century precept prevented anyone from entering a home without an invitation, giving rise to the phrase ‘an Englishman’s home is their castle.’ This year, our homes have been the ultimate fortress, keeping dangers at bay and loved ones close by.

More than ever, we discern the importance of having not just shelter but a retreat; a home that is custom-made to your manners. Where the breakfast table is positioned in the most refreshing spot and the coffee table is at perfect height for the evening respite, where the home office is replete with convenient storage and perhaps a well-placed foot rest, where the interiors encourage family to come together and guides their attention to memories on a mantle piece.

Don’t settle for a home that doesn’t share your fortitude. For 2021, make your home more you by bringing home some Parrot & Lily. Pick from our favourites or customise your own.


Generous yet compact, the Louis XV canapé comes in all sizes, but only one iconic shape. Perfect for putting your feet up as you wait for the oven and then to enjoy your quarantine banana bread with a cup of tea. Shop here.

All dressed up with nowhere to go? This armoire makes a trip to the dressing room an occasion in itself.  As you put on your armour for the day, stop to admire the purposeful Empire silhouette enlivened by playful classic motifs. Alternatively, use it to house your linens or display your precious porcelain.
Oh and notice the appropriately festive wreath on the bottom rail. Shop here.

Whether you’re working hard or hardly working, you are sure to look dignified behind this elegant rosewood bureau. The rich foliage motifs on front panel will keep your visitors distracted  while the panel itself ensures that no one has a view of the pyjamas bottoms below your button down shirt. 
Alternatively, have the plush bombé shape fashioned into a commode or console. Shop here.


Alluding to a provençal dream, this distinctive petite table is perfect both for gathering your family around a fire and enjoying your garden when the weather permits. The solid teak frame remains pas inquiet against the elements without any need for weatherproofing while the pastoral motifs reflect the abundance of your own garden. Shop here.


For the finishing touches, bring home some love and light. Our delicate frames will hold your precious memories while the candelabras illuminate your family gatherings and romantic dinners alike. Shop here.

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