Intimate Grandeur at Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

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The Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte was a landmark in the Louis XIV Baroque style. Architecture, interiors and landscaping came together to form this icon. Today we explore the elements of intimate grandeur that make this chamber.


    1. A traditional lit a la turque
      In the 18th Century, European decorative arts drew heavily from Asian influences, what was known by the now outdated term “oriental.” Day beds set against a wall were inspired by Turkish and Polish aesthetics- lits a la turque and lits a la polonaise respectively. Polonaise beds were brought from Warsaw to France by the Polish consort of Louis XV, Marie Leszczyńska whereas Turkish beds were inspired only in sensibilities and are not based on actual Turkish furniture. The distinguishing feature of the Turkish style are the scrolled ends, which can be seen here.These lits feature a baldachin or canopy, which were typical of royal beds but were quickly adopted by the aristocracy for their grandeur. The baldachin pictured here is only supported by the wall on one side, somewhat similar to a lit a la Duchesse.
      The turque style of beds became immensely popular after Madame de Pompadour built her chamber in this style at the Château de Bellvue.
      Canopies  continue to bring grandeur and consequence to any space. You can place one in a bed chamber, over a baby’s bassinet or over a throne, should you happen to have one.

    2. A “Kidney-Shaped” dressing table
      These elegant classics epitomise the glamour of our grandmothers’ age. Pair with a bottle of perfume, an heirloom silver comb, a Parrot & Lily fable mirror and a single rose in a vase.  

    3. A sleek table de nuit

      Meet Dorian Grey- Handsome, Dapper, Indulgent and just a little Vain. Only meant for housing the very essentials, the bedside table pictured at the Château is reminiscent of one of our own. While his ancestors were meant to hold chamber pots, our Dorian would shudder at the thought. This Edwardian piece features a sleek silhouette, deep walnut finish and and a clever clover motif

    4. Petite Bergère for Pets

      Our furry friends come with double the pairs of legs and triple the style. Diminutive pet furniture like this are highly sought after antiques today. You could customise your own future antiques with Parrot & Lily.

    5. Mantlepieces 

      Whether you have a functional fireplace, a wood burner or keep candles inside, all spaces grand and intimate come together around a mantlepiece. Hosting family memories and prized objets d’art over them, mantlepieces set the tone for the evening. Pair with an oversized frame, flanked by a pair of brass candle sconces on the wall to complete the traditional setting.   

    6.  Fauteuil à la reine

      A gentle recline in a flat back, the fauteuil à la reine is ironically reminiscent of the Regency period. Perfect for dining tables and dressing tables, it is a formal seat where one doesn't expect to rest on the back for very long. They come in all styles, but our favourite is this Louis XV example, similar to the cane version pictured at the Château Vaux-le-Vicomte. 

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