Four beautiful nameplates and why you should not get them

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There are very few settings where the age-old tradition of heraldry is still taken seriously. But our mortal preoccupation with signage, symbolism and representation remains.

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The beauty of custom-made is that our designs can be customised to your exact tastes and requirements. So we do rather wonder when someone wants to pick up one of our pieces off-the-rack and put it in their homes. Of course, sometimes one just falls in love with what already is. But how can you resist the opportunity to add a little bit of yourself to something that you are going to live with? Specially something as allusive as a nameplate announcing the occupants but also the disposition of the house.

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To put it bluntly, a nameplate that is not personal to you is simply a silly idea and the product would be a meaningless gesture. As much as one without details might speak unfavourably of you, so equally details that do not correspond to you would not be commending. Whether you want it to or not, something as allegorical as a nameplate speaks about you. We would not want you to appear thoughtless. 

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Embrace the beauty of bespoke with Parrot & Lily. We are not mass-produced.

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