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Life is transient, and some of our most beautiful experience are based in something ephemeral. But their meaning remains, and often spills into succeeding moments. At Parrot & Lily, we find meaning in an age old human quest for beauty, even in the most deprived circumstances. We make meaning by partaking in the transmission of skill and knowledge over generations. And we invite you to bring the same to your home.

Today, we would like to go over a light-hearted list of material possessions that are undoubtedly unnecessary, vain, fanciful, mostly impractical and even exorbitant. But their presence elevates their environment, enriches their patron and continues a tradition, and for that alone, we seek them. 

1. Porcelain by Ginori

Richard Ginori porcelain candleholder gifting idea

If this piece showed up in your search for candelabras, we would not blame you for snickering. Can you imagine placing a candle in those delicate arms, let alone scraping wax off the porcelain? Our heart stops at the thought. 

But can you imagine spending a cold winter evening in the company of Hephaestus? Perhaps you see a glass of mulled wine in one hand and Dante's Inferno in another, the fire crackles in the background and flickers in the foreground. If we were a 19th century aristocrat, that is the portrait we would commission. 

Our heart is filled with admiration for the multiple moulds and firings it takes to fashion each of these pieces. 

 2. Linens by D. Porthault

Luxury gifting Porthault brindilles white bed linen     Luxury gifting Porthault Guirlande White bed linens

Have you ever dreamt of waking up in an impressionist dream? Leaping into a Porthault bed is leaping into a flower bed under the clear skies of Giverny. These linens make falling asleep a ritual and waking up a dream. The glorious secret of your luxury bed is known to no one else, it is only felt by you as you spend the better part of your 24 hours asleep. 

3. A wooden water fountain by Parrot & Lily

Parrot and lily luxury gifting ideas blog

If the daily spring of water running through this wooden niche does not crack the wood, a single Indian monsoon season certainly will. What would you do with this information? Confine this niche of Transience to four walls and a dehumidifier? Or watch Triton spew the gust of time over your customised family insignia? You can find this solid teak niche tucked away in a renaissance grotto. 

4. Silver flatware for the everyday 

Just like as we put our finest porcelain to everyday use, we like to pair them with silver flatware that have no other purpose but to sing to our heart with every bite. Utterly frivolous and unnecessary, not to mention high-maintenance, we have nothing to say in defence of using silver flatware everyday. Except that you should.

5. A bouquet of fresh-cut blooms

It takes a lot to cut a flower and place it in a vase. Doomed to wilt from the second you pick it, fresh-cut flowers don't promise much. Just a fleeting moment of pleasure to the senses. Of course you can elongate their effect, perhaps preserve the dried ones. But that would be missing the point entirely.

What do you do in the pursuit of beauty?

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