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"The only way for us to become great or if this be possible, inimitable, is to imitate the ancients"

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Everything we do is undoubtedly classic, but not every piece is classical. We like to believe that we are on the path of one day constructing a classical temple right here in our atelier. But we will admit that is a more fantastical notion for the distant future than a note on our production schedule. Until it can be unleashed, this is how we feed the beast.
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Classicism in furniture is hard to capture. After all, we have no furniture remaining from antiquity to refer to. What we have is a classical renaissance and a later neoclassical period which were both partly clouded by fanaticism. So when applying classical principles to something un-classical, we are forced to ask- what is the essence of classicism? 

As important as proportions may have been to antiquity, it is the singleness of purpose that is more essential to classical revivalism than any other principle. Not just harmony but a perfect realisation of the ideal- an idea conveyed in its entirety, with no compromise as to message or meaning, means or method.

It would not be hard to convey the classical styles during the classical antiquity in Greece or Rome- it was all too pervasive. But to invoke the same sentiment with a similar intensity in an age that is diluted with perversions and crude imitations is a much harder task. It calls for resolute essentialism- the definition of Parrot & Lily classicism

Meet our latest endeavour- a centre table of monumental proportions, inspired by the war room at Versailles. 
Minerva and her owl
The Goddess of war and wisdom- analogous matters in her time.
Minerva Hercules Flora Ceres classicism furniture decorative arts roman mythology
Ceres and her wheat
The Goddess of the harvest with the symbol of agricultural fertility- far more than an allegorical figure, she was once the premise of sustenance.
teakwood furniture classical interiors luxury opulent bespoke custom interior designer India Delhi ncr
Flora and her wreath
The Goddess of the bloom and honorary patron of Renaissance beauty- most notably in Botticelli's Primavera
Dining table dining room classical interiors royal decor opulent luxury classicism roman mythology
Hercules and the Nemean lion
Divine hero of uncertain legacy but certain connotations of power, strength and virility
Hercules roman greek myths mythology furniture classical classicism decorative arts furniture history
Beast feet
Majesty and intimidation come together in these naturalistic beast feet- the grain of the wood rushes like blood to the thew of a brute.
Wood working wood carving furniture diy woodworking hand carved made in India
Elegant Swags
And lest we forget the primary visual goal- an implication of beauty is found in the most subtle symbolism
Wreaths garlands floral decor furniture carving teak wood Versailles classical decor
And that is the consummation of unwavering classicism

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