Banishing the banal

You are not ordinary, why should your home be?

Often when we think of something extraordinary, we think of that one significant masterpiece that we can add in our lives. Something momentous, what you might call an "accent piece." If you ask us, that is the worst way to approach luxury.

Rather than the grand elusive masterpiece, luxury should always begin with the things that are most habitual to us. Objects that are an unthinking part of your everyday life, even though you wield them most frequently and regularly. After all, those things are much more consequential with their subliminal effects than the imposition of the outwardly impressive masterpiece that feels unnatural in its environment.

The point is not to be amazed by the blazing star but to hold the gentle flame. For a truly Parrot & Lily home, we would recommend small everyday objects over the imposing masterpiece.

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Imagine the most mundane routine and replace the familiar instruments with beautiful objects. Would you not feel instantly elevated to a richer experience?
Whether you want to replace the instruments of your existing habits or introduce new moments of luxury to your daily life, here are some of functional pieces that aim to silently lend their beauty to your life.
And every once in a while, they would interrupt the mindlessness of your hasty day, make you pause and admire, and then move on, that much richer than before.

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