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After all what is a nursery if not a stage to welcome the little one, a sanctum of warm moments and comfort for the baby and the mother and definitively a template for the first memories. 

Psychologists believe that the most essential memories, disposition and outlook are catalysed in the nursery years. After all, who doesn’t have memories of their mother picking them, caressing and laughing. Or their fathers making silly faces. 

The nursery is a warm place and a start not just for the baby but also the parents. The Nursery you give your child is the life you’re inviting them into.

Let’s look at what we feel are the essentials for a nursery~ 

The Bassinet

One function of the bassinet is ephemeral- the baby outgrows it soon enough. But the primary function is enduring- it embodies the abiding qualities of family and lineage, patrimony and heritage, the past and the future. Passing down from cousin to cousin, from one generation to the next, leaving a shared bind on each partaker, the bassinet is the apogee of all heirlooms. Bassinets are among the few things that simply should not be mass produced. Every family needs one that embodies their own values and if you happen to need one for yours, here are some considerations. 

Use only pure untreated teak wood and cast iron. Although rocking bassinets would be preferred by parents, they are harder to maintain and may suffer long periods in storage. Decoratively, a family insignia and Arcadian motifs create a pleasant and timeless bassinet.

A humorous lesson from history- 



The Bedding 

Perhaps less enduring than the bassinet itself, but a considered choice can nevertheless last a long time. Organic and handmade are non-negotiable. Opt for playful designs in neutral tones to keep it engaging for the baby but easy on the senses. We love these options from our friends at The Little Bunting. 


Little Bunting Childrens Bedding

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This is one place where you must avoid gender stereotypes. To be valuable members of society, today’s children need to be true Renaissance people. Art, science, sports, cuisine, music and even emotional intelligence need to be taught to all children from the very start. 

We probably don’t need to say that we are partial to wooden toys in non-toxic paints. Once again we look to our friends at The Little Bunting. The best part is that these are all handmade in India. 

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Although we love make-believe play toys, the best toys for your little ones are the real thing. Don’t be afraid to let them help in the kitchen, play with your real grand piano or have their own corner in the garden from the very start. 


Reading is a truly personal thing. It doesn’t matter what the little ones read as much as it is important that they enjoy it. Reading should be treated as a reward and not used as a punishment. 

Children express their interests through the books the select for themselves. Allowing them to choose their own books, even before they can actually read, can give you a little glimpse inside their immense minds. Here are some of our old favourites.


We like to think of our children’s furniture as minimised only in side. We prefer versatile furniture that can grow with your child. A cot that can be converted into a head board or seating, a changing table that can be used as a commode, or a rocking horse that becomes a part of your decor. Easels holding a chalkboard that can later hold their canvases, desks that can be adjusted to add more storage later, a stunning bergère that can go from nursing to entertaining their little guests for years to come. Including the family monogram rather than a personal one makes the piece an idea heirloom. On the other hand, who wouldn't love inheriting an armchair with a great-grandparent's initials. Set your little ones up for an artful life with our collection for the Absolute Hearts. 

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 A parting thought~

“To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while.”

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